These are all the consequences of driving without insurance or with the expired insurance

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The insurance is mandatory, as it is responsible for covering the expenses of all those affected by a traffic accident. These expenses refer to both hospital and disability and even death. However, despite being a necessary requirement to drive through the national territory, there is still a large part of the car park that is not insured.

It is not simply about not having the insurance, but also those who transit with expired insurance and, finally, those who falsify it also enter the same group.

Real and current insurance

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Contrary to what many think, the consequences of driving from one place to another without having real and current insurance are several, and go beyond the fine imposed by the police. If you continue driving without insuring your car, you must be willing to take them on:

1. Car immobilization 

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If you are driving and a policeman stops you and checks that your car does not have a insurance or the one you have is expired, the immediate consequence is the immobilization of the car, which will be taken to the parking lot.

2. Parking payment 

2. Parking payment 

Once you have purchased the insurance, you must remove your car from the parking lot and this also has a cost, as you must pay for each day you were there.

3. Payment of the crane 

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Another of the expenses that must be added is the cost of the crane that took his car from where he was at the time he was arrested to the chosen parking lot.

4. Payment of the fine 

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In 2018, the fine for driving without insurance is equivalent to $ 782,000, a sum that, undoubtedly, one is not for giving away.

Remember that in addition to the loss of money, driving without insurance also means a waste of time, because you will be without your car and will have to complete the necessary procedures to recover it. The easiest and most practical way out is to find a insurance for your car and secure it as soon as possible. And if what you think is that it is wasted money, remember that it will be the insurance that covers the expenses of all those who are involved in an accident in which their car has participated and in addition, for the purchase you can also obtain certain benefits.

If your insurance has already expired or you don’t have one and want to buy it, compare the alternatives in Snopes family.

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