Pay the lease vs. the mortgage loan installment, which one suits me?

credit loan

In times when all prices are going up, is it worth going for the dream of housing or is it better to stay in a lease?

These are some points that you should keep in mind

credit loan

In the last year, house prices have started to rise and that has raised the question of whether it is worthwhile to buy a property or stay in a lease, and if so, until when.

It is true that due to the current circumstances

It is true that due to the current circumstances

Now you have to be much more careful when borrowing, which involves meticulously assessing what mortgage credit suits you. However, this does not mean that you should say goodbye to your own home.

The general recommendation is that if you are in a solid employment situation, opting for a housing loan will only be convenient if you have a good percentage of the initial fee, that is, from 45% of the total value. This is because when you get the credit, the fees you will pay will be similar to what you would pay for a lease, and since you are already living there, the house pays for itself.

However, you should be very careful with interest rates

However, you should be very <a href=careful with interest rates” />

Since if you choose an option that does not suit you, even if it is a point of difference, it will have a strong impact on the total amount you will pay, because it is a debt that in most cases lasts up to two decades.

If you do not have savings, it is best to wait and seek to save a percentage month by month; also, seeing ways to invest that money will make it grow gradually, bringing it closer to the desired amount. While saving, research very well about the property you wish to purchase, so prepare to be a good buyer.

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