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Online Ads: Top Platforms to Grow Your Business – Business Loans

If you have a Gas Station, for example, you can create an ad so that everyone passing by gets an alert on their mobile phone informing them of the Gas Station, the price of the fuel, the distance and even creating a route on the phone. gps that will take the customer directly to your establishment. for an assessment

Putting it all together…


You have seen that there are countless ways to invest in marketing your business and you may be wondering: but how do I invest in all this without compromising my cash flow?

Did you notice that throughout the text the term “marketing investment” was used instead of “marketing expenses”? We use the term “investment” because each topic in this article has an expected return. That is, for every marketing campaign you make for your business, a gain is expected.

Which in free translation means Return on Investment

Which in free translation means Return on Investment

The account is relatively easy, in general, for every $ 1 invested in marketing, a $ X return is expected.

This amount varies by business, but generally the return must be greater than the investment to be profitable.

For example, if you invest $ 5,000 in marketing and receive a return of $ 7,500, your return will be on Return on Investment, which is $ 2,500.

The ROI is a percentage result, so it is calculated as: Return / Investment. In that case you would have a 1.5% ROI.

Understanding which ones are applicable to your business


After reading the tips and understanding which ones are applicable to your business, a serious study of your Cash Flow is recommended to understand how much money you would be willing to invest at this time and a good planning for how this money will be spent on your stock. marketing.

In addition, for specific marketing actions, you can even get a loan for your company to make your project viable.

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